Dear Community, as of 16/4/18, CRT has changed its contract to an ERC-20. This is due to a lack of mining activity. Holders of CRT can still swap their old tokens for new tokens until 15/5/18 by emailing admin@crtcoin.com to make arrangements.


CryptographicCoin was re-minted as an ERC-20 in 2018 due to a lack of mining activity and in order to take advantage of Ethereum's cryptographic breakthroughs. The focus of the revived CRT project is on applying the original ethos of ecology, economic liberalism, and increased anonymity to the air freight industry, pushing for adoption in late 2018.

CRT coin was originally minted in 2014 as an integration of ZeroCoin, NovaCoin and PeerCoin technology, and while these have become somewhat redundant, the goals of for which CRC set out to achieve have not.

The air freight industry, while growing rapidly at 9% annually is run on outdated technology​, and has been slow to adapt to blockchain technology. Starting from late 2018, CRT will push for widespread adoption within the industry, with consultations imminent.

​At the core of CRT's mission, we aim on introducing and including a carbon offsetting plan for the air freight in​dustry in line with what is already available for the consumer flight industry. While corporate entities using CRT could voluntarily decide to opt into CRT's carbon offsetting plan, we envisage many doing so in order to conform with modern expectations of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the public relations attached. The carbon offsetting plan will involve voluntary contributions from the cost of flying using CRT to specific projects that work to repair environmental damage.


Ecological offsetting

Fixed number of coins

Ease of payments for online freight

Crypto-adoption within​ industry


March 2014
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CCryptographic Coin wake up from sleep and go to light from mouth of infinity! We want to live forever!


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March 10, 2014
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